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Haylee & Lizzie


Our Mission

  • Our vision at Reggae-ology® is to promote love and positivity in the reggae community & encourage our guest’s success in their music ventures by promoting them in the most innovative ways imaginable.

  • We are a non-profit organization promoting our guests on Reggae-ology® Podcast.  They will be able to relate to their fans on a new platform via innovative  

  • Our mission at Reggae-ology® Podcast is to advocate for musicians, their music, and their positive message they bring to the world.


Community Support

Reggae-ology's sole purpose is to uplift and support the reggae community.  We want to not only help support musicians but other small businesses in our reggae family.  That is why we donate 10% of our proceeds to 2 different organizations.

5% of podcast proceeds will be donated to Rootfire toward their efforts to support musicians as well.

5% of podcast proceeds will also be donated to The Cocoa Foundation because we love our furry reggae fam too!

We are...

  • farm-raised, free-range, & grass fed

  • artists & creators

  • music lovers

  • surfer chicks

  • free spirits

  • products of the 70's

  • ​a little bit country & a little bit reggae

  • an acquired taste but...

  • pretty awesome once you get to know us

  • nothing but love here

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